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Autism in the News – 04.04.11

Autism treatments often lack solid evidence of effectiveness, study finds (The Los Angeles Times)
Autism treatments range from medications to behavioral therapies to alternative medical practices. But too few treatments are backed by solid evidence, according to a series of studies released Monday in the journal Pediatrics. Read more.

Brains of People with Autism Focus More on Visual Skills (HealthDay News)
The brains of people with autism concentrate more resources in areas devoted to visual perception, resulting in less activity in areas used to plan and control thoughts and actions, says a new study. Read more.

Finding dentist for autistic child isn’t easy (Canada)
If you’ve read my previous guest column, or followed my former blog on the Tribune website at all, you’re familiar with my son, David. He’s the sweetest little 9-year-old I’ve ever known, and I’m not biased at all. He’s also pretty severely autistic. Read more.

Autism Advocates Push for Coverage Bill in Albany (Albany, N.Y.)
April is Autism Awareness month, and advocates are pushing for new legislation in Albany sponsored by Autism Speaks that would require insurance companies to cover treatment for the developmental disorder. Read more.

Programs on autism scheduled (Mansfield, Ohio)
In recognition of Autism Awareness Month, the local autism group, Autism Awareness Walk-a-thon, has several activities planned. Read more.

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