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The Marcus Autism Center Lights Up Blue

The Marcus Autism Center in Atlanta, GA hosted a kickoff event to Light It Up Blue and kick off Autism Awareness Month!  Bernie Marcus and Dr. Ami Klin were the keynote speakers, along with local mom Kimberly Dick (Walk Chair for the GA Walk), and her son, who shared a touching story. She shared how he has benefited from early intervention and services at the Marcus Autism Center, while Bernie talked about how far we have come in his 20 years of being involved in bringing awareness and clinical programs to the people of GA and around the world.  The Marcus Autism Center even rolled out a BLUE carpet, colored the grass BLUE, and lit the entire building in BLUE lights.  Bernie flipped a switch, and the children of the Early Intervention Program came out to celebrate, as the official “Light It Up Blue” song was playing.  Everyone celebrated this special day by wearing blue, and photos were shared of other buildings around the world that also were participating.  A reception was held afterwards for the families and staff of the Marcus Autism Center, and everyone left feeling empowered and proud to share with others about Autism Awareness.  It was truly a special event and the Marcus Autism Center will remain blue for the month of April.

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