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Autism in the News – 03.25.11

Kate Winslet to raise autism awareness in new book (CBS News)
Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet is shining a light on autism by publishing a book. Winslet’s book, titled “The Golden Hat,” will come out in November, Simon & Schuster announced Thursday. Read more.

Autism talks raise awareness, hope (The Rocky Mountain Collegian)
Professor Temple Grandin said that autistic kids need to be pushed in order to succeed.“Now, you don’t push to panic –– no surprises,” the world-renowned expert on the subject explained to a small group of individuals speaking with her after she presented to around 100 university students and Fort Collins residents on the disability. Read more.

Dangerous Wandering a Lesser Known Side of Autism (HealthDay)
Many parents know that heart-stopping feeling of being at the park or the mall, and suddenly losing track of their child. For the parents of autistic children, those concerns can be even more intense. Read more.

Autism Awareness Day recognized April 2 (The Inquirer and Mirror)
April 2 marks the fourth annual World Autism Awareness Day, as designated by the United Nations, which speaks to the worldwide growing concern of the autism epidemic. There are only two other health-related United Nations World Day events: for diabetes and AIDS. April is also National Autism Awareness Month. Read more.

Families, staff vow to fight (JC Floridan)
A new weariness and worry has settled over the features of Elizabeth and John Greer, as they fight the possible privatization of Sunland. Their developmentally disabled son has lived, worked and learned there for the past 10 years. Read more.

CBU going blue to battle autism (Your Midtown)
Mid-South residents are invited to view an historic first for Christian Brothers University. The University is joining the global community for “Light it up Blue” in honor of the 4th annual United Nations-snactioned World Autism Awareness day. Christian Brothers University’s Recognizable bell tower on East Parkway will be lit blue on Friday and Saturday, April 1 and 2. Read more.

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