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9 More Days Until Light It Up Blue!

The countdown is on to April 1st! World Autism Awareness Month is in reach and we are so excited to Light It Up Blue! Every day, leading up to the big day we’ll post highlights, a special interview and much more!

Light the White House Blue

Today we are featuring Wills, a young man with autism, who wrote this heartfelt letter to President Obama urging him to light The White House Blue. He insisted that we make sure the post was in blue, way to go Wills!

Who’s Lighting It Up Blue?

More than 500 buildings and communities are lighting it up blue, including a repeat from last year… the great Fenway Park! Boston fans can rest assured that their Red Sox have joined the campaign again!

Fenway Park Lit Up Blue in 2010 for World Autism Awareness Day

Community Spotlight

Today’s virtual interview is with Kathy D. from Gainesville, Va. 

Autism Speaks: What are you Lighting Up Blue?
Kathy D.: Tenbrook Drive in Gainesville, Va.

AS: Why was the ‘Light It Up Blue’ campaign important to you?
KD: I have a daughter who has autism and is currently in a long-term care facility trying to get “happy and healthy” enough to come back home to her family.

AS: How did you get Tenbrook Drive on board?
KD: I bought my neighbors “Light it up Blue” t-shirts, window clings, pens and glow bracelets. A total of 17 shirts! We plan to gather on April 2 to take a group picture and send it to my daughter. They have all loved and supported her through these tough times. We are all also going to light up our outside lights blue the night of April 1st. So yay for Tenbrook Drive!

AS: Next Year, who else would you like to see participate?
KD: Next year maybe I can get my whole neighborhood to participate instead of one street!

With only 9 days left, what are YOU lighting up blue?

  1. Elizabeth
    March 23, 2011 at 5:03 pm

    my son has adhd plus autism plz everyone help us by putting blue lights up thank you all

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