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Autism in the News – 03.21.11

Scientists Recreate Autism With One Gene (ABC News)
The current findings may offer some insight in the relationship between SHANK3 mutations and the characteristic traits of autism. Some experts say it’s hard to tell whether insights that will be gained from the SHANK3 mutation will translate to the other genetic mutations that are associated with autism. Read more.

12-year-old takes college physics at IUPU (Indianapolis, Ind.)
A 12-year-old boy is making quite an impression on his classmates, standing out among fellow students in a calculus-based physics class at Indianapolis University-Purdue  University Indianapolis. Read more.

Fitness Activities for Children With Autism Outlined in New Book (Willowbrook, Ind.)
More than half of children with autism spectrum disorders are overweight, at risk for diabetes or cardiovascular disease, have bone and joint problems or suffer from depression.  These alarming statistics were the impetus for a new book on exercise-related activities for children with autism, written by nationally recognized fitness expert Suzanne M. Gray.  The book is being released in conjunction with World Autism Day on April 2. Read more.

Autism: Never underestimate your child’s potential (SF Gate)
When Chantal Sicile-kira’s son Jeremy (now 22) was given a diagnosis of autism and mental retardation, his doctor told her to find a good institution for him and to get on with her life. Read more.

Artist’s story goes national (Australia)
It began almost like therapy for Melanie Jai and her family. But what it spiralled into is an eye-opening touring art exhibition delving into Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and the publishing of a personal story which has now been released nationwide. Read more.

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