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Autism in the News – 03.18.11

Autism Bill Makes its Way Through Assembly (Lorton Patch)
On March 10, Reginald Latson was given a seven-month sentence and a $1,500 fine for breaking and entering with intent to commit assault. The 19-year-old Stafford County resident is already facing a 10 ½ year prison sentence for battering a Stafford sheriff’s deputy. Read more.

Conversation simulator helps autistic adults (India)
A new study has shown that simulated interactions in which adults with autism converse with a virtual partner may help them develop better social interaction skills. Read more.

Autism Speaks supports new diagnostic code for individuals with autism with history of wandering (New York, N.Y.)
With increasing frequency, parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) report the terrible consequences that can occur when their children wander or unexpectedly run away. One mother described the recent death of her child who had wandered away from her home, despite efforts to lock doors and windows. Read more.

Autism won’t stop him from giving (UK)
Matt Forster has 115 reasons to be proud. The 27-year-old Langley City resident has dropped 115 pounds in the last couple of years by getting into a daily exercise regime and changing his eating habits. Read more.

Arts for Autism Gala spreads awareness (San Luis Obispo, Calif.)
If you ask Juli Miller, executive director of the Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center, autism affects everyone. “The thing about autism is it’s not just the person who’s diagnosed (who’s affected),” Miller said. “It’s the proverbial ripples in the pond.” Read more.

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