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Autism in the News -03.11.11

Can America Afford The Rising Cost Of Autism? (24/7 Wall St.)
If past trends are any indication, autism rates could rise by as much as 75% in the next five years. This could not have come at a worse time for the nation’s overburdened and underfunded school districts, which are facing unprecedented financial stress as government aid continues to dry up. Autism, though, is a public health crisis like no other. Read more.

Kaspar the friendly robot helps autistic children (Dallas Life Blog)
The quest to understand autism and help those who have been diagnosed with it has spawned inspiring creativity. In England, researchers have created a robot, that they’ve named Kaspar,that plays with kids with autism. Consider the way that kids without autism learn emotional lessons from their dolls. Read more.

Parents: Autism cuts could ruin children’s future (Carson City, Nev.)
Last year, 10-year-old Reno resident Tyler Richard had an IQ of 38 and spoke only two words. On Thursday, he read a testimony aloud to legislators: Read more.

Coming to the AID of adults with autism (Elgin, Ill.)
It’s a Friday morning, and Robert Larios and Leonard “Tucker” Banks are trying hard to concentrate on their work. The task: match up 10 large nails on a sheet of paper to outlines of the nails, then place the nails in plastic containers. Read more.

Autism Insurance Mandate Heads to Senate (Charleston, W. Va.)
Legislation mandating insurance providers cover treatment for children with autism will soon be taken up by the state Senate, but with a provision exempting small businesses from the requirement. Read more.

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