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Autism in the News – 03.08.11

Autistic Boy Wins Right to Have Service Dog in School (Education Week)
After three years of fighting the Hillsboro School District, Scooter Givens will get to use his service dog in school. Read more.

Whitby film night offered for autistic children (Canada)
A unique night at the movies is in store for a Whitby audience of children. Read more.

Bail for accused looter with autism (New Zealand)
Police have relented and allowed bail for a young man with autism who became “the face of looting” in the days after the February 22 quake. Read more.

Huge boost for autism services (Australia)
A Bundaberg mother is jumping for joy after learning an early intervention centre for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will be set up by the AEIOU Foundation in Bundaberg. Read more.

Living with Asperger’s: One young man’s story (My News 4)
Living with Asperger’s–News 4’s Mackenzie Warren takes a closer look… Andrew Hain is a successful high school student, who even lectures his classmates on occasion. He also works in the library. He’s a hard working, happy 18-year-old. When Andrew was young, communication and behavior problems made his parents take him to a specialist. The diagnosis was Asperger’s Syndrome, the highest functioning form of autism. Read More.

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