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Autism in the News – 02.12.11

Norwalk lawmakers propose autism protection bill (Norwalk, Conn.)
A bipartisan coalition of lawmakers is proposing a bill that would crack down on people who fraudulently represent themselves as board certified behavior analysts – primarily for the treatment of children with autism. Read more.

Autistic youths get fewer services after high school (Boston, Mass.)
As children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders age, they are less likely to use special services after high school. In a study that analyzed data from a long-term survey of 920 autistic children conducted by the US Department of Education, the most dramatic finding was a decrease in the percentage who received speech therapy from 75 percent during school to 9 percent after graduation. Read more.

Autism Sunday about one of life’s puzzles (Canada)
One could have gotten a lot of reading done in the Moose Jaw Union Hospital’s Wascana Room on Sunday. Read more.

Playground time, technology work for children with autism (The Brownsville Herald)
Last year, stimulus money was being spread across the country to the nation’s school districts, and in preparation for the arrival of those stimulus funds, the local school district encouraged campuses to write small grants on ways the money could be used to help children learn better. Read more.

South Coast group helping residents with medical travel (Canada)
For anyone needing to travel outside of coastal Labrador for medical reasons, the transportation, accommodation and living expenses can be quite steep. Residents of coastal Labrador needing to travel for medical appointments on a regular basis know how expensive it can be. Read more.

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