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Autism in the News – 02.10.11

W.Va. House approves autism insurance coverage (Charleston, W. Va.)
West Virginia would require insurers to pay for autism treatment under legislation passed by the House of Delegates. Read more.

Jewish Disability Awareness Month inspires community (Jewish United Fund)
In recognition of Jewish Disability Awareness Month, Jewish Child & Family Services (JCFS) invites synagogues across the Chicagoland area to embrace this opportunity to increase awareness of the needs and strengths of people with disabilities in our communities. Read more.

Project looks to touch hearts of homebound children (Greenville Online)
A special project involving local children will aim to cheer the hearts of kids who may otherwise be excluded from the Valentine’s Day fun. Read more.

The most difficult place to park in Britain: Disabled bay with a lamppost in the middle (UK)
It is the parking space which would challenge even the most skilled of drivers. And quite what bungling council workers thought when they were painting up this disabled bay remains a mystery. Read more.

Johns Hopkins School Of Medicine Grants $5 Million To Study Cognitive Disorders (Medical News Today)
The Johns Hopkins Brain Sciences Institute has funded a total of $5 million to 12 different research groups at Hopkins to launch the new Synapses, Circuits and Cognitive Disorders Program. The new BSi program aims to understand the fundamentals of brain function by focusing on the synapse – the point of contact between two nerve cells – to better understand cognitive disorders. Read more.

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