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Autism in the News – 02.09.11

My Life With Asperger’s (Psychology Today)
My friend and fellow autistic author Temple Grandin said something at last week’s autism conference that really got me thinking. She said, The principal emotion experienced by autistic people is fear. Read more.

Museum welcomes children with autism with ‘Open Arms’ (Levittown, N.Y.)
On Sunday night, the Garden State Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill will host the first of its four free “Open Arms” evenings this year for children with autism and their families. Read more.

No Treatment for 40% of Young Adults with Autism (Opposing Views)
According to a new study, nearly 40 percent of young adults who suffer from autism don’t get sufficient help for the disorder as they become grownups. Read more.

Greeley police find missing autistic teen from Brighton (Brighton, Colo.)
A missing 14-year-old with autism from Brighton who had not been seen since Monday afternoon was located by Greeley police about 2 p.m. today. Read more.

Microsoft’s co-founder lets loose in an interview with Sanjay Gupta (Daily Tech)
At the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, one of the chief luminaries of the American tech industry, and perhaps its most recognizable face, Bill Gates, is hard at work pushing countries of the world to step up to the plate and increase their charitable efforts. Read more.

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