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Autism in the News – 02.04.11

New tool aimed at teens with autism (CNN)
If the years immediately following an autism diagnosis aren’t tough enough for a child, the next phase of their life can be even more stressful. Which is why Autism Speaks, one of the biggest autism advocacy groups is unveiling a new tool kit designed to help these children and their families cope with this stage of life. Read more.

Arkansas’ first Volunteer Autism Registry and resource site debuts (Little Rock, Ark.)
Arkansas families affected by autism have their first chance to participate in a volunteer registry that will track how many people in the state have autism spectrum disorders with the debut of a new website called Arkansas Autism Alliance. Read more.

Challenging the Legislature on Policies Towards Families of Autistic Children (Sacramento, Calif.)
Today I testified before the Assembly Budget Subcommittee No. 1 on Health and Human Services in regard to their plan to cut roughly a $1 billion of regional center services to people with developmental disabilities. Read more.

Cuban Province Develops Program for Assisting Autistic Children (Cuba)
The head of the project, psychologist Ana Gutierrez, told ACN that it involves psychiatrists, neurologists, defectologists, speech therapists, social workers, and nurses, among other specialists. Read more.

Funding autism therapy would save money in the long run (Canada)
If a solution to a hard problem was found that was relatively easy to implement, had no downsides, and which those in power agreed worked, you’d think they would jump to implement it, wouldn’t you? Read more.

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