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Autism in the News – Thursday, 02.03.11

After-school club for children with special needs (UK)
A new after-school club to allow children with autism to enjoy fun activities has been launched by Freddies School. Read more.

Autistic boy deemed ‘too wordy’ for special school (Australia)
A boy with autism has been refused enrolment at a special school because the Education Department determined that he knows too many words. Read more.

University of Michigan will get $22.5 million for role in massive study that seeks causes of asthma, autism, other child health concerns (Ann Arbor, Mich.)
University of Michigan researchers have joined a nationwide effort to study 100,000 children from birth to adulthood in order to shed light on the mix of environmental and other factors that may lead to conditions ranging from asthma to infant mortality. Read more.

Wednesday’s Child: Shane (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Shane is a great kid with a lot of energy and enthusiasm for life. He is a vivacious and engaging little boy and has much curiosity about how things work; perhaps this is why he’s so interested in puzzles and board games. Read more.

Autistic students to get lessons (Holyoke, Mass.)
The School Committee has approved curriculum changes to help autistic students deal with puberty. Read more.

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