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Autism in the News – Tuesday, 01.25.11

Autism Research (The New York Times)
The latest British Medical Journal paper about autism and vaccines, which provides evidence that the initial report linking autism and vaccines was fraudulent, and the media coverage that ensued, miss an important point. Read more.

Round Rock hair salon donates time to help children with autism (Round Rock, Texas)
One local hair salon used its grand opening Sunday to support an autism charity. Read more.

Study finds many autistic children improve social skills over time (Columbia, Mo.)
A clinical child psychologist has found that many autistic children gain more verbal and social skills over time. Read more.

Autism Queensland Creative Futures Awards: call for nominations (Australia)
Autism Queensland is calling on individuals and organisations that are bringing about positive change in the lives of people with Autism to nominate for the 2011 Creative Futures Recognition Awards. Read more.

A (horse) path to heal (Roosevelt Island, N.Y.)
A Roosevelt Island school for special-needs children would like to create an equestrian center and riding path on the northern tip of the island. Read more.

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